Thursday, February 27, 2014


HI! It has been more than a week since I last posted! I apologize, I actually have 3 good reasons why, first one being I started school again, so that has got me everywhere except with writing time! The second one is a nice friend of mine call IB, yep the International Baccalaureate, my friends. In case you don’t know it’s like AP subjects, maybe even harder and longer. So I’m starting all my IB projects, running around teachers and giving them ideas. The third and last is my Microsoft Word wasn't working and I like writing there before posting. Anyways, I promised I tried to post more and this blog might help me in my CAS class (more IB stuff) so I’ll post more often. 

Enough of this, today I’m going to share one of my latest poem. I actually really liked this one, and I think you can interpret it however you want it. It is different from what I normally write because it is not based on anything personal.

You stand there bare
Giving me everything
Helping me through everything
And I can’t think straight

You stand there bare
The taxi cabs and the snow
The city moving fast
And I stare at you slowly

You stand there as your laugh echoes
You have that winning smile
Your head through back
And I listen to your laugh smiling

I stand there bare
I stand there looking out
I stand there as my laugh echoes
You can’t think straight, but you listen and stare

I hope you enjoy it, I would love some feedback and may I’ll post more poems!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Liebester Awards

Hi lovely people! I’m back at home now, which means i’ll have less time to blog since school is starting next week. Anyways, I was really shock when I got nominated for a Liebster award, at first I was like: What is this? The lovely Talita, Says nominated me, so here is my big shout out and thank you to her!

This are the rules:
1.   Make a post about the Liebster award and thank the blogger that nominated you.
    2. State 11 interesting facts about yourself.
3. Answer the 11 questions asked by the blogger who nominated you.
Nominate 5-11 new bloggers.

Write 11 new questions for your nominees
11 Facts about me:
  1.  I’m the middle child of 5 siblings
  2.  I lived in 3 different countries and been to 7 schools
  3.  I speak 2 languages fluently, Spanish and English, I know Portuguese really well and I’m learning French.
  4.   I love going to concert and music a lot and would die to go to a concert any day, from anyone
  5.  I write poetry and stories, that never seem to end
  6.     I enjoy photography a lot, not only seeing but  taking pictures
  7.     I plan on studying Psychology in college.
  8.      I love taking walks and riding my bike with music
  9.      I don’t live in the same country where I was born
  10. I watch a lot of tv shows
  11.   I love love reading, even the books assign by teacher in school

The 11 questions asked by Talita, Says:
 1.      Why did you decide to start blogging?
Because I wanted to express myself and thought it was fun.

2. What's your most treasured memory?
Probably most of the memories from travelling with my family and the crazy days I have with my friends, can’t really say one particular.

3. What's the best advice you've ever received?
I have like 3: “Some friends are temporarily” (this sounds really depressive but it has a lot to do with my life haha.) “Sometimes, you have to be selfish to be happy.” And, “Do not seek for revenage.”

4. What song have you had on repeat lately?
White Teeth Teens- Lorde and Wedding Bells- Jonas Brothers. I can’t stop listening to this.

5. What's your favorite part about blogging?
Expressing myself and reading others opinions about random things.

6. If you could hop on a plane right now, where would you go?
Probably, Africa, LA or Australia.

7. Who would you bring with you?
My friends.

8. What's your definition of the perfect day?
Doing anything silly or random with my friends, going shopping, having lunch/Dinner or chilling at home.

9. For what in your life do you feel most grateful?
My family, education and friends.

10. What is the greatest accomplishment of your life?
Getting over my dark demons of the past and becoming the warrior I am today

11. What's your biggest dream?
Travelling the world, help people and just go somewhere with my writing.

My Nominees:
1.       Kiss Me I'm Stylish by Kiss me I’m Stylish
2.      Style Sinners  by Tina Stefanovic
3.      Je M’ Appelle Stephani   by Stephani Dossey
4.      Flora E May by Flora
5.      Hello October  by Suzie
6.      Cider With Rose  by Rosie
7.      Venka Vision  by Venka
8.      Little Mac Book  by Ashley Cossmann
My 11 Questions:
     1.      What are you favorite styles?
   2.  Who are you style inspiration?
   3.  Where do you shop?
   4. If you could travel anywhere, where would you go?
   5.  Have you lived in a different county than your own, if so where? If not, would you like to?
   6. What made you want to blog?
   7. What are 3 objects you can’t live without?
   8.  If you had time to take one thing from your house, what would you take and why?
   9. What are you currently listening and loving?
   10.  Who inspires you daily?
   11.  What makes you happy?


Friday, February 14, 2014

Pretty Little Liars Does The 1940’s!

Hey guys! Happy Valentine’s Day! Two posts in a week, woah what’s happening? The truth is I actually couldn't help myself I was dying to talk about this whole Pretty Little Liars Episode.

Picture Credit: JustJaredJr

When I first heard about it on twitter and Instagram, I had no idea how exactly they were going to do this and how it was going to match with the show in general. But after I saw how everything turned out, I was in awe. The episode was by far one of my favorite; you really got not only a lot of information, but kept my eyes glue to the screen the whole time. Another thing that I was taken back by was the amazing acting skill everyone had in this episode, Troian Bellisario defiantly stole the show, she did an amazing job like usual but manage to make it 10 times better, although everyone did great, Ashley Benson, Lucy Hale, Shay Mitchell, Ian Harding, Sasha Pieterse, and Keegan Allen all did great. The scenery was amazing it looked exactly like the 40’s probably looked like and like most 40s movies do.
Here are some of the pictures from the show:

 Pictures Credit: JustJaredJr

Hope you all have a lovely weekend and I’ll see you next week!
PS: I got my licenses! woaahhh

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Shopping Haul Part 2

Hello lovely people! This is the California shopping haul part 2! I posted part 1 last week. This one is based on beauty and accessories.

Eos Lip Balm

Victoria Secret Midnight Exotics Fragance Mist

The Gnarly Whale Hair Beach waves: This one gives your hair some beach waves. You can find it in Urban Outfitters.

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick  Plumalicious

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Clearly Quick

Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat Tweedy

Essie Belugaria

The Body Shop Almond Hand and Nail Cream

Urban Outfitters hair chalk

The Body Shop Moringa Body Butter

Ray-Ban Clubmaster Classic in Tortoise and Crystal green lens

Brandy Melville Los Angeles Embroidery Beanie

H&M Black Belt

Forever 21 Heart Shaped glasses

Forever 21 set of four ear cuffs

Claire’s Climbing men ear cuff

H&M black purse

Forever 21 white and blue stripes canvas bag

Hope you liked it! Have a lovely rest of the week. Will be posting about Fashion week soon!

Ps: Like I said before getting licenses THIS Friday. Wish me luck!

Friday, February 7, 2014

Shopping Haul Part 1

Hello! How is everyone doing? Today I want to share with you everything I bought while in California. I decided to divide in two since it was too much. These ones are clothes and random things I got; the next will be accessories, beauty and make up.

Both from Forever 21

This dress was actually 10 dollars only, and it was from Urban Outfitters

I bought this one here in Argentina for my birthday actually, but thought I should share it with you guys. J

I mentioned before I love Breaking Bad, when I saw this one online in Ubran OutfittersI had to buy it (Even though it was in the men section. Lol.)

I had to buy something from the Pretty Little Liars collection in Aeropostale and thought this Who Is A? Hoodie was genius.

I looooove sweaters because they are so warm and cozy. I bought the first one in Forever 21and the other one in Abercrombie, I don’t usually shop here but the sweater was on sale and was really cute.

This new Dr.Martens are my newest obsession, I got them in black patent and wore them the whole trip, I was scared because my sister said they might hurt me, but I was fine walking everywhere with them.

This are the Nike Dual Fusion, I think, they are really light and comfortable, great for the gym and running.

I love this book already. I read a passage per day and is really inspiring, and since Demi is my favorite I loved this book already. You can find it at Barnes & Noble

I was needing a new journal and a small one to take with me everywhere, so when is saw this one in Staples I got one.

I love these three ladies, so I had to get the magazines with them in the cover. They are the February 2014 Seventeen magazine, the January 2014 Rolling Stone Magazine and the December 2013/January 2014 Nylon Magazine.

I saw this on tumblr and thought: I have to buy it. I wanted for years now and never got myself to buy it and I finally did. Amazon has this as well as many like this from the same author.

I told myself to buy magnets this trip and I found these really cute ones in Staplesso I got some for the big board I have in my room.

I’ve been having a hard time finding phone cases since my phone is not the newest generation. But I found the pink on in Victoria Secret and the cat on in It's Sugar

Hope you enjoy it and there is more coming next week!
Have a lovely lovely week.
Ps: wish me luck taking my driving exam next week!

Saturday, February 1, 2014

California Dreaming

Hello! I’ve been MIA lately, and this post will show you why. I was in California and Las Vegas for two weeks, and I have been to places that I feel in love and I can’t imagine not living there sometime. So I hope to go back and maybe one day moving. Here are a collection of a few of the pictures I took while I was there:

The Cesar Palace Hotel in Las Vegas, NV
This was the view I had in my hotel in Santa Monica, Los Angeles, CA

The sun setting in the Santa Monica beach, LA, CA

Venice, LA, CA

Venice Beach, LA, CA, which was amazing and pretty sure everyone was crazy.

The view from the top of Beverly Hills, LA, CA

The amazing LACMA, museum in LA, CA

This is in New Port, CA, an adorable and small town a few hours away from LA

One day we went to explore downtown LA, CA.

These are my favorites, a view of all LA, CA from the Getty Museum

This is in Monterey, CA, where we stopped before San Francisco. It’s a small town, with a beautiful pier.

San Francisco, CA Outline, taken from the boat on the way to Alcatraz

The first thing I saw when I arrive to LA, CA, breathe taking view

The road from LA to Las Vegas was all deserts.

Paris Hotel in Las Vegas, NV

Life is beautiful in old Las Vegas, NV.

Sun setting in Rodeo Drive, Los Angeles, CA

The sun setting in Hollywood, CA

Crazy Alcatraz, San Francisco, CA

Made some new friends in the San Francisco, CA Pier

Lombard Street in San Francisco, CA, crookest street.

And the view from up there

The famous Gold Gate Bridge in San Francisco, CA.

hope you enjoyed these pictures as much as I enjoyed the trip. If you are planning on going to California, do, it’s truly one of my favorite cities in the world.
Hope you all have a lovely weekend.