Saturday, March 29, 2014

Ombre Hair

Helloooooo guys! I have been sooo busy this week, and I finally found a moment this weekend. I have been working hard with school like I mentioned before and I actually been reading a great book that I might write about later on.
Anyways, today I decided to show you all my hair. I got ombre done a little bit less than a year ago and I've been loving it ever since then. I really don’t want to die my whole hair because to be honest it scares me a little, so I decided to dye only my ends and give it the ombre style. I think it looks great in a lot of people no matter your hair color, I was scared at the beginning because I have really dark hair but I asked the hairstylist not to dye it too blonde, but instead a light brown color and here is the result:

Hope you guys enjoy it! And if you want to go ombre, do so!
Hope you have a lovely and less stressful than mine weekend!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

How to Survive High School

Hello lovely people! Once again school is kicking my butt. But I decided to put this in good use and help anyone struggling with school this year or next year. Maybe, you also have the IB in your school so you have to work extra hard to catch up and do work. So here are some basic tips to survive a hard year in high school:
1.  Don’t leave anything to last minute
You probably hear this all the time. Do your assignments the day they are given to you, but you must have a lot from different subjects. I learned this the hard way, in 10th grade I left everything for last minute, so I had math homework, Spanish essays and more due the following day and I had nothing done. Most essay they give you two week anticipation, so try doing it that day or that weekend. I did this in 11th grade and trying to doing now, it feels way better than leaving last minute.
2.  Use an agenda
A big advice I got from older people when I started high school was to use an agenda, some school provide you with one, if not buy one and use it! They are really helpful to remember different homework and assignments.
3.  Talk to your teachers
Teachers are really willing to help. I discover that they love it when you ask question, or arrange meetings after class. So go for it! Ask as many questions as you want, talk to them as much as you can. I guarantee most of them are willing to help, and give you a pass for late classes!
4.  Work out
Al though you might think you have no time, find a little gap in your day to work out or play a sport, it is a nice way to release your tension and stress you might have from all your classes and homework’s. I know that whenever I’m stress I get cramps and by working out they go away. So try and stay active even when loaded with work!
5.  Find time to relax
Find a time every now and then to relax in any way. Take a hot shower or relax at night watch a movie or TV. Trying to forget about school for an hour or so, and then you actually have more energy to do homework.
6.  Trying not to skip school
Try to go to school every day and only skip when is extremely necessary. This is a hard one for me but I learned about it last year. Skipping school not only gives you more homework but you are behind the class and might be stuck in a certain topic. So trying to go to school every day.
7.  Be organize
Lastly, try to be as organize as possible. So people might struggle with this, but try as hard as possible. Have an organize schedule about which days you are going to do each thing. Also, keep your working place as organize as possible, so nothing bothers you or distract you. Keep your notebooks or binders, as well, organize, separate each subject and have everything in chronological order.

I hope this is helpful for many of you! Good luck to anyone in high school or any type of school!


Saturday, March 8, 2014

Kesha Rainbow Hair

Hello! I apologize once again for the lack of updates. School is really stressful and hard this year so please be patient with me!
Yesterday, I saw this picture of Kesha at LAX with her rainbow hair and I loved her hair. I love colorful hair so this one was pretty cool. I’m glad she is out of rehab and looks happy and healthy. So congratulations Kesha! Stay Strong!

Photos Credit: JustJared

Thank you very much for reading even when I have little time!