Saturday, August 29, 2015

July and August Favorites

Hi! Can you believe August is almost over? Where has this whole year go?
I decided to do July and August together since July was only exams and studying except for the last two weeks. So, grab some tea and prepare to read a lot on what I’ve been obsessing this past two months.

      1.       Faux leather white back pack. The moment I saw this backpack I needed to get it. I’ve been wanting a new bag for school for some time now and I wanted one big enough for it and traveling. I was surprise with the size when I got it, everything fits so perfectly, my laptop, agenda, water bottle, everything. Similar here and here.

     2.       Joggers. Comfiest pants ever anyone? This pants are the best thing out there, after a long day at university this are my go to pants. I’m also planning to wear them for: a. working out, b. comfy clothes after swimming, and c. finals or exams periods.

     3.       From Zara with Love 10ml perfume. I mean not only does it smell amazing but it’s so practical. The size just makes it so easy to carry everywhere. It’s like an emergency perfume everywhere you go.

      4.       Insta film Pandora Edition. I really love theme Polaroid print and this one is no exception, I used all of them on my trip because my friends and I really like the cute drawings on the size. Might be purchasing them again soon.

     5.       Relentlessly red lipstick. Can we all agree Mac lipsticks are the best? Even the smell is ah-mazing. I got this color because I was kind of sad they didn’t have any purple ones left and my mom helped me pick it up. I really wanted a more summer color sine the other Mac I had is more for the winter. Of course, it is mate because I’m pretty obsessed with the way they make my lips look.

     6.       Nine Stories by J.D. Salinger. No surprise here, another Salinger book. I still need to finish it but I’m really liking this stories. I really enjoy how he secretly adds a member of the Glass family every now and then (you’ll get it if you read the book and google it later). I highly recommend it if you enjoy Salinger and short stories.

      7.       El Clan by Pablo Trapero. I really really like this movie. I’ve never been an Argentinean movie love but I really like this one. It is a little violent and intense, I would not recommend to everyone but it is pretty interesting if you are into crimes and a little bit of Argentina history.


      8.       Not an Apology by Bea Miller. I can’t stop listening to this album. I’ve been a fan of Bea for a while and I was so excited with her new album. My favorite song is Force of Nature the lyrics are so beautiful and I love the acoustic sound it has compare to the more pop sound the rest of the songs have.

      9.       Growing up by Macklemore and RyanLewis Ft. Ed Sheeran. Every single time I hear this song I get goose bumps. The lyrics are so beautiful and I love the sound of their voices together. I’ll totally buy an album by this three.

    10.   Pen pals.  I’ve never had a pen pal before. The amazing Courtney runs this great Tumblr to connect people all over the world who are looking for pen pals and I’ve been obsessed ever since I got my first email. People are so nice and I love to read about their different cultures. It’s an amazing way to meet people from all over the world.

     11.   Painting mandalas. My mom and sisters would spent so much time painting mandalas and I finally gave in. it’s so relaxing, it may sound stupid but I swear it its. It also reminds me of when I was younger and I’ll spend hours coloring the coloring book my grandma got me.


   12.   Fairy lights. I don’t know for how long I’ve been wanting this and I finally got them. I love how Tumblr my room looks with them, they go so well with my Polaroid.

   13.   Rubbermaid water bottle. Maybe this is the most random piece of this list but I really like this one. I carry with me everywhere I go because it is so practical and it really does help me drink more water. It is also a really strong material and I can guarantee it won’t spill inside your bag.
What have you been loving this months?


Thursday, August 27, 2015

10 things I learned living abroad

Maybe you are new here but most people know I lived abroad for five and half years (and I’m planning to live abroad even more). I lived in Brazil for two years and 3 and half in Paraguay, so I’d like to see myself a pro at the whole moving abroad thing. From my experience, I can say it’s amazing. I think that at least once everyone must live in a different country and learn about it. So here are 10 things I learned when I lived in Brazil and Paraguay.
1.       Learning a new language is fun.
2.       New cultures are always interesting.
3.       Home is home
4.       Your family is your biggest support and those who understand better
5.       It’s ok to miss.
6.       It’s also ok if your accent changes
7.       People would leave but you’ll learn to be fine and understand
8.       Social media will save your life
9.       You’ll be scare of the new things that will come but that’s alright
10.   A fresh start is always a good idea.
Have you lived abroad? What have you learn while away?

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Style inspiration: Cara Delevingne

Photo credit: Pinterest

I’m sorry for the delay posting this, I never find time to write and I hate doing things in a rush. Anyways, I think I love Cara ever since she become a well-known model in 2012 and now that I’ve seen her in Paper Towns I love her even more. But, other than being an amazing actress (I’m dying to see Suicide Squad) and model, Cara has an amazing style. Her red carpet looks are usually amazing but her street style is my favorite. I love how she wears beanies and leather jacket, reminds me a lot of how I like to dress. She has that tomboy look but also extremely stylish. I have to be honest her airport look just looks so comfy, might steal some of that whenever I have to travel next.
Perdón por tardar en subir esto, nunca encuentro tiempo para escribir y odio hacerlo apurada. De todas formas, la amo a Cara desde que se hizo una modelo conocida en 2012 y ahora que la vi en Paper Towns la amo todavía más. Pero, además de ser una gran actriz (muero por ver Suicide Squad) y modelo, Cara tiene un gran estilo. Sus looks de la alfombra roja son muy lindos pero su Street style es mi favorita. Me encanta como usa gorritos y campera de cuero, me hace acordar a como me gusta vestirme. Tiene ese tomboy look pero también con mucho estilo. Tengo que ser honesta su look de aeropuerto parece muy cómodo, capaz lo robe la próxima que tenga que viajar.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

TCA Favorite looks

Bea Miller
I love how Bea looks with the jacket over her shoulders, and the jumpsuit makes her legs look extremely long.

Lea Michele
I feel in love with her dress the minute I saw it!

Lucy Hale
I always love her style, and this dress was so cute on her. Her hair was also amazing!

Maia Mitchel
This is the first time I’ve seen her red carpet look and I love it! Love how comfy it looks and so perfect for the summer in all white!

Rita Ora
I don’t know if I love her outfit that much, but I love love her hair! Love the pink on it, once again, really summer hair here.

Sarah Hyland
Love this look! I love her short hair a lot and the color looks so good in her!

Photo credit: Teen Vogue

So, the Teen Choice Awards were last Sunday and even though I didn’t watch it, I saw all the red carpet (blue carpet?) looks and this were my favorites! I honestly always loved the TCA because they are like the summer awards and everyone looks to be having fun and surfboards idea is actually pretty cool. I remember watching in like 2008 when the Jonas Brothers were there and Taylor Swift haha. But lately I’ve been loving the idea of adding nominee such as: favorite youtuber and all internet related categories!
What was your favorite look from the event?


Monday, August 17, 2015

Make up wish list

Photo credit: Amazon
HelloOctober recommend this one in one of her videos but in purple and I really like the way her make up look. I want to teach myself how to winged eyeliner but I first new a better eyeliner for that. This one sounds like the perfect one, plus I only hear amazing things about Benefit.

Photo credit: Urban Decay
I’ve been wanting this palette for so long. I was going to buy it on my last trip to the US but it is a little bit expensive. I love the colors it has and the great variety, this are basically all I use. I like to use a more natural look so casual event but when I go out at night I enjoy darker look and this one basically has all of that. Maybe, next time I’m in the US I’ll check it out!

Photo credit: Essie
  3. Top left: Borrowed and blue. Top Right: peach side babe. Bottom left: Fashion playground. Bottom right: Privateweekend.
I really love Essie nail polish and I can’t wait to go back to the USA to buy more and more. Every time I go I come back with a new Essie nail polish, I think next time I’ll come back with at least 10. I’ve been really liking pastel nail polishes, and Essie has the prettiest color, I just want them all.

Photo credit: Mac
      4. Top left: Call the hairdresser. Top right: Smoked purple. Bottom left: Runway hit. Bottom right: So Chaud
It’s no secret that I’m a big mac lipstick fun. Ever since bought my first one I’m obsessed and I want to keep on adding more and more. I love how they look on my lips, I honestly think they are the only lipsticks I can wear now. And yes, most of them are Matte because I'm extremely in love with Matte lipstick
I was going to buy the purple one last time I went to Asuncion but they didn’t have it anymore so I settle for a reddish one, which I’ll show you later.

What is in your make up wish list?


Saturday, August 15, 2015

Nail Inspiration

Photo credit: Pinterest

I think I’ve been obsessed with painting my nails since I was thirteen and you can rarely see my plain nail because I always have nail polish on. Unfortunately, I suck at painting my nails even when its plain red, but whatever, I enjoy going into Pinterest and looking at the different nail work people do, hoping one day I could actually do it. Here a few which I picked.
What type of nail polish do you like?
Creo que estoy obsesionada con tener las uñas pintadas desde que tengo 13 y es muy raro que me vean mi uña sin esmalte arriba, porque siempre las tengo pintadas. Por desgracia, soy muy mala pintándome las uñas hasta cuando es algo normal, como rojo. Igualmente, me gusta ir a Pinterest y buscar los diferentes diseños que hacen las personas, desando que algún día pueda hacerlos. Acá hay algunos que elegí.
¿Qué tipo de esmalte de uña te gusta?


Thursday, August 13, 2015

Overall Style

Photo credit: pinterest

Hello! So lately, I’ve been notices how often are overall use and I’ve been loving this trend. Overall remind me of one I was younger and my mom would put me some overall in the autumn (I used to break ALL my pants and overall knees so my mom would put a patch where there were holes). I love how they are back, unfortunately do not own a pair but I’m looking forward to buy some if I see them. I feel like the black one are a little bit more formal while jeans one are more for the day.
What do you think about the trend?
¡Hola! Últimamente estuve notando como los jardineros están siendo usados más seguido y amo esta tendencia. Los jardineros me hacen acordar a cuando era chiquita y mi mama me ponía jardineros en otoño (solía romper todos mis pantalones y jardineros en la rodilla entonces mi mama les ponía un parche donde había agujeros). Me encanta como está de moda de vuelta, por desgracia no tengo un par pero estoy buscando comprarme unos apenas encuentro. Siento que los negros son más formales mientras los de jeans son para usar durante el día.
¿Qué te parece esta tendencia?

Monday, August 10, 2015

Favorite Youtubers

Photo credit: Twitter

One of my favorite things to do online is to watch Youtubers. I think I spend a good amount of my time doing so. Here is a list of my top favorite Youtubers to watch and that you should defiantly check out:
1.       Zoella. Zoe was the first beauty blogger I started watching, so she was kind of introduction into the world of blogging. Zoe has an amazing blog, Youtube channel, vlog and amazing book. She is someone who is fun to watch, plus HOW CUTE IS NALA?
2.       Essie Button. I love how chill Essie is and how much she vlogs. I think I could spend all day watching her vlogs.
3.       Hello October. I started following Suzie base on her blog and when I saw her Youtube channel I loved it. I love her vlogs as well, and her make up tutorials are so amazing.
4.       Velvetgh0st. How cute is Gabby? Every time I see her videos I’m like: this girl is SO cute! To be honest, I started watching her recently but I already love her, plus we both love cats.
5.       Jacks gap. So Jack and Finn were the first British Youtubers I started watching and lead me on to different British Youtubers. They recently started posting more videos on their travels and I can’t stop watching them. The way they show the different cities, the way they work with the camera is pretty amazing.
6.       Thatcher Joe. I always laugh watching his videos. His prank videos are amazing, but also in his Vlog channel he posts video of his trips and they are so amazing.
7.       Jenna Marbles. Jenna is the first Youtuber I EVER watch. Like seriously the first one. I think I’ve been watching Jenna since 2010 maybe more? But back when she lived in Boston. I always, ALWAYS laugh at her videos.
8.       Troye Sivan. Another cute youtuber. Troye is so adorable and his video are sometimes so inspiring. Plus, he is an amazing musician and can’t wait for his new album.
9.       Caspar Lee. I started watching right after he did a video with JacksGap. I love Caspar and his prank are also pretty funny.
10.   Claudia Sulewski. She is also a pretty recent discover but her hauls are my favorite as well as her vlogs.
What Youtubers do you like to watch?

Friday, August 7, 2015

A Tourist in Asuncion

Rescue a butterfly from my cat

Buenos Aires from above

Polaroids are my favorite

Delicious dinner for my dad's birthday

Traditional Paraguayan food Mbeju 

I love Cafe De Aca a must go in Asuncion

My favorite: Cheesecake

Formosa Sunset
Thank you to my friends for this pictures :)

You may or may not know, I lived in Asuncion for about three years and half. I went back last week to visit some of my friends and spent some time with my family. In my days there I decided to see Asuncion with a different pair of eyes, I always saw Asuncion as my temporary home, or as the place that I was going to live for a few years but never as a tourist.  So, this time I did. I decided to take pictures of everything I loved about Asuncion (ok, maybe not everything). It helped a lot that my friends and I decided to do a mini tour downtown and I found place I have never been to in the three years I lived there. So here is Asuncion through the eyes of a “tourist” but also from someone who understands Paraguay and its people better than one.
What do you think of the pictures? Would you like to know more about Asuncion?
Quizás o quizás no sepan, que viví en Asunción por tres años y medio. La semana pasada fui de vuelta a visitar a mis amigos y a pasar tiempo con mi familia. Los días que estuve ahí decidí que quería ver Asunción con un par de ojos diferentes, siempre lo vi como mi casa temporaria o el lugar donde iba a vivir por un tiempo pero nunca como un turista. Entonces esta vez lo hice. Decidí sacarle fotos de todo lo que amaba de Asunción (quizás no todo pero bueno). Me ayudo bastante que mis amigas y yo decidamos hacer un mini tour por el centro y encontrar lugares que nunca fui en los tres años que viví ahí. Entonces, acá esta Asunción a través de los ojos de un “turista” pero también como alguien que entiende Paraguay y su gente mejor que un turista normal.
¿Qué te parecieron las fotos? ¿Queres saber más de Asunción?