Saturday, November 14, 2015

LandyBridal Georgous dresses!*

Once again I’m here to talk about wedding dresses. The people from Landybridal asked me to write a post about their amazing dresses.

This one is from their vintage lace wedding dresses collection. This dress kind of reminds of something I would have wear to my graduation. I love lace dresses so much and this one is no exception. Also, I love the back of the dress, the V shape is really amazing.

This one is from their wedding dresses 2016 collection. What I really like about this one is the back and the front has that fabric. I’ve been searching for a dress like that for quite some time. Not really for a wedding but just to wear for a nice event.

Hope you enjoy it!


Tuesday, November 10, 2015

CocoMelody’s Wedding Dresses*

Hello! Taking a quick break from study to talk about this gorgeous wedding dresses! The lovely people at CocoMelody asked me to write a post about their dresses and I was glad to agree. Not only are this dresses amazing but they have a great variety.

I remember back when I was in Cancun I saw so many weddings at the beach and they looked so lovely. This place has amazing beach wedding dresses. I always go for simple dresses so I really like this one from their wedding at the beach collection. They do, however, have dresses with more things on it and for every taste.

They, also, have their 2016 wedding dresses .They are so many different dresses for everyone. I love how they have short and long dresses, with different back and even with more volume at the bottom or straight.

Hope you enjoy them!
*This post was sponsored by Cocomelody

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Favorite Celebrities costumes!

How classy and formal this one?


I thought of dressing as Marie myself! Ha!

Soooo badass!

This one is really my favorite I think

Yes, I laughed for some good 5 minutes

Halloween not only is my favorite time of the year because I love dressing up but I love seeing everyone costumes. Love how so many celebs go all the way for Halloween (I mean have you seen Heidi Klum’s costume?). Scrolling through Instagram I bumped into a few of the costumes and this are my favorite ones.
Which ones were your favorites? What did you dress up for Halloween?
Ps: kind of in a rush since I have a pretty busy weeks coming up.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

It's the Little Things...

My friend drew that adorable unicorn for me last week!

I love how it looks at night with the fairy lights on

Yes, my piggy bank does say "Rich Kids"

I really tried to take a good picture of the curtains. It has little fringe and its so adorable

Here is a little peek at my room. I’ve been putting it together with my mom’s help ever since I move here and this is sort of the final look. There are a few thing I’ll change in a couple of months but I thought I’ll share with you what it currently looks. I wish I could link where things are from but to be honest most are local brands or just random pieces I’ve picked from around. One of my favorites part is my Polaroid collections with the fairy lights on.
Hope you like it!

Sunday, November 1, 2015

September and October Favorites

1.       SEPHORA COLLECTION IT Palette – Nude. I won a contest online and had to opportunity to choose some stuff from Sephora. I picked this palette because I loved the variety it had. I love how it also came with an eyeliner and a ton of different eye shadows, from a lot of different colors.

2.       SEPHORA COLLECTION Colorful 5 Eyeshadow Palette. Same with this one, picked it at the contest I won. I’ve been wearing this one a lot. I really like the greenish one because it has a little bit of glitter and make your eyes pop more.

3.       Maybelline Expert Eyes eyeliner. I’ve been needing a new eyeliner for quite some time now. To be honest, Revlon has not been so good to me so after my friend recommended me I switched to Maybelline and I love it. I wear eyeliner whenever I go out and by the end of the night my eyeliner is basically on my cheek, but it has not happened with this one!

4.       With Love by Zara. I did show the small version of this one on my previous favorite, so I went ahead and bought the bigger version. I’ve been getting so many compliments about the smell and honestly is one of my favorites one out there.

5.       Cat shirt from Zara. While at Zara I also picked this shirt. The moment I saw it I was like: THAT’S ME! And every time I wear it people would say: that shirt is so you. I mean, there are cats, donuts and ice cream.

6.       Unicorn onesie. I mentioned before I had two costume parties and I wore this onesie to both of them. Not only it is an amazing costume but it is so warm. During both parties people were freezing and I was extremely cozy. I was a very happy and warm unicorn.

7.       Wild by Troye Sivan. This EP has been my favorite thing to listen at all times this month. I honestly can’t stop listen it to it and I’m so excited for Troye to release an entire album.

8.       American Horror Story. I was terrified of watching this at first because I knew I would not be able to sleep at night. After finally having to watch the first few episode I could not stop. The first season was not at all scary but I am getting scare in the second one. Honestly, I can’t watch the show at night and when I’m home alone I do jump every now and then.
What have you been loving this month?