Monday, February 29, 2016

Cocomelody Wedding Gowns*

The lovely people at Cocomelody asked me once again to write a post about their gorgeous dresses. If we are being honest, I’ve never been a fan of wedding dresses, but this ones are seriously beautiful. Pretty sure when the times come I’ll pick a dress from their site.

There is something so dedicated and beautiful about a low back wedding dresses and this ones are no exception. Not only does it give it a sexy touch but it is also so beautiful. I always felt like low back dresses do not anything else to make the dress perfect. I love the fact that Cocomelody offers different shapes and designs.

Not only are there low back dresses, but they also have backless gown which I also adore. They have that detailed touch with a little bit of sensual feelings. To be honest I wouldn’t be able to choose between these two!

Also, before I get back to studying, a little reminder that Cocomelody is having a great sale that you should really check out!


*This post was sponsored by Cocomelody

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

How do I stay motivated

Photo credit: 9gag

I feel lIke we all go through some moments where it is hard to find any motivations. Sometimes we lay in bed and do not find the need to even get up, I get it, I deal witH it first handed and had peOple around me deal with it. Other times, we simple feel like giving uP, the amount of times I wanted to quit the blog bEcause I did not find a reason to go on, or maYbe yOu feel like quit yoUr workout. I wrote a list of the things that helped stayed motivated when I lack of any of it.

Picture your goal
When you feel liKe you can’t go on and you feel like there is no reason to go oN, remember why you started. Remember what your gOal is. When I feel like giving up, I remember I alWays wanted to be a wrIter or a journalist. Even if it is for the money, reMember why you started doing this.

Surround yourself with people who help you
Some people are toxic, and they are bad influence. Some people make you lose motivation and drift you away from your actual goal. Surround yourself witH people who motivate you Every day and remind you every day why you started.

Work on it everyday
EveRy day, take some time to work on your goal. WeathEr is 5 minutes or half an hour, do it. I try to write every day, is a nice reminder as to why I started not only the blog but my career. Even when it comes to staying healthy and working out, do a small workout every day, even a 20 minute walk is something.

Do your research
Take your time to do your research and understand what you want. Understand how you really want to achieve the goal. How should you approach it? Also, do in research reminds you of what your goal is all about.

Take some time off
Maybe this one helps me the most. I like to take some time off For myself usually when I wOrk out and Remind myself whY I’m working so hard. SO, take some time for yoUrself to simply think.

Ps: this is one is dedicated to someone I know, who has a hard time getting out of beds some days. You probably don’t read this, but I did think of you.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Small things that matter

Last two months have been a Little hard. I have decided to see life in a different, I’ve decided to enjoy a little bit more life, but not going big, instead I started appreciate the small thing, those that happened daily but we do not take the time to actually enjoy them. So I wrote down a list of all this tiny things:

·       Sunsets and sunrise
·       When you start a book     
·       When you finish a book
·       Finding a new song that you love
·       The way the light comes through the window in rainy days
·       Coffee in the morning
·       Relaxing with a warm cup of tea after a long day
·       The way the water hits your body and face when you shower
·       Hugging your friends after you haven’t seen them in a while
·       When you find that song that describes your feelings perfectly
·       Wrapping yourself in a warm onesie in the winter
·       Fresh sheets

·       Taking good pictures

What are the small things that matter to you?

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

How to be organized

I think one of the biggest struggle people go through in college and school is trying to stay organized and on track of everything. I know that I love to have everything organized and it has help me a lot, especially this last few years. Here are most of the things I’ve been done to stay organized.

Use an agenda
I feel like agendas need to be your best friends through high school and college. I know I don’t leave my house without when I go to university and I try to write everything they tell us, every exam and assignment. I also like to use it to keep me organized on the blog and all my doctor’s appointment.
Use your phone calendar
All my exams are in my phone calendar as well as all my doctors’ appointments. It’s just one of the easiest ways to remember since you carry your phone around all day. Also, it is better than writing down your appointments in a piece of paper that it will get lost or sometimes when you do not want to carry your agenda.
Make to do-lists
There is nothing more satisfying than crossing things off of your to-do list. I have them on sticky notes in my room where I know I will see them throughout the day. I know they are some great apps and also using your phone’s note app is a good way too.

Use sticky notes
I think my room is full of sticky notes, not only with to-do lists but with what I need to remember for specific subjects. I have my history sticky notes and my Culture sticky notes. I think the best you can do is put them somewhere where you can see them, I know mines are in my desk and on my wall behind my desk.
Plan your day
Lastly, I started doing this recently and I’ve notice how effective it is. The day before, before going to sleep I make a list of everything I plan on doing that day in a specific order. You end up being extremely productive and getting everything done.